Glass is a type of building material. In order to place it while in Build Mode, players need to passively gather extra sand. This is done easily by visiting a desert biome or by swimming to the bottom of the ocean and using any in sandy looking areas. This does not work in desert-themed caves.


In Landmark, these textures mimic those most often associated with real-world glass.

As a Building MaterialEdit

Glass can be used as a building material. New textures are added all of the time, so check your the building materials section of the mega-palette in Build Mode in-game to see all textures.

In Landmark, the Glass textures glossy finish.

Below: the tree in behind the glass shows both how objects appear through glass and how glassy the surface is when light hits it.

Two textures of glass: far left, plain glass; far right, elven glass, which smooth has a subtle carved texture.

Other InfoEdit

  • When used as a building material, it can be used to make windows of any shape and size not available as a prop pane of glass. It can be layered with Lumicite to create stained glass.
  • It can be layered with other clear materials like Water or Ice to create unusual effects.

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