In Landmark, a gadget is anything that's not quite a gathering tool and definitely not a weapon.

  • Gadgets do not have an equipment slot like Accessories, which also tend to provide passive benefits (or bonuses)
  • These are peripheral 'helper' equipment items that can make a task easier and they must be activated (clicked) each time you want to use them.

Why Gadgets are UsefulEdit

Gadgets fill a gap that can't be filled by other gear and equipment.

Instead of acting like a ring, potion, or other accessories that might give you a boost or bonus these must be activated and used and fill the gap between other gear. For example, the Farseer Pick will help you see ore, gems, and uncommon stone to mine, but you may want the benefits of another pick instead. Too fill that gap, you can used a gadget that sees only gems and uncommon stone or a gadget that sees only ore.


Obtaining GadgetsEdit

Some gadgets are innate items, while others must be discovered.

  • Crafted at the Replicator, they can be found in their own category.

Other infoEdit

  • Gadgets must be dragged to the hotbar and clicked to use them.

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