The entire combat system and crafting weapons changed before the game's 2016 launch.
This weapon might exist in a new form, but its name, stats, and the process to make it changed.

Frozen Crystal Staff is a weapon that can be equipped for combat.

Basic InfoEdit

Innate No
Crafting Station Replicator
Quality N/A Beta
Spell Effect

Shadow Rend, Dark Embrace, Total Eclipse

Weapon Slot

Primary Weapon

Affinity Shadow



Frost Orb

Details of Frost Orb

Frost Orb: Launch a slow moving orb dealing damage on impact plus creates a smalls torm that deals damage over time for 2 seconds to all enemies in the area.

Frost Orb's Stats
Cost N/A
Cast Time 0.3 seconds
Cooldown 0.4 seconds



Shatter's Details

Shatter: Freeze the ground at target location for 2 seconds, dealing damage and snaring opponents.  Additionally, terrain at the center of the targetted area is destroyed, knocking down and dealing damage to any opponent hit.
Shatter's Stats
Cost 60 Mana
Cast Time 0.3 seconds
Cooldown 0.7 seconds


Frozen Domain

Frozen Domain's Details

Frozen Domain: Summon a ice storm in a large sphere at target location dealing damage over time to all enemies within.  After 2 seconds, the storm explodes dealing damage to all opponents and freezing them.
Frozen Domain's Stats
Cost 40 Mana
Cast Time 0.3 seconds
Cooldown 10.0 seconds

How to MakeEdit

This weapon is made at a Replicator.

  • Subject to change as beta is still ongoing.
Resource Quantity
? Please update and remove this note.
? Please update and remove this note.
? Please update and remove this note.
? Please update and remove this note.

Other InformationEdit

To see the full details of about this or any other weapon's available attacks, place your mouse over the weapon in your Inventory and press the Alt key to toggle. Doing so will open additional windows that describe the full information about all available attacks and their mana costs, cast time, and cool down timers.

To Equip:

  1. Press I to open your Inventory, and locate this weapon.
  2. Drag the weapon to the upper weapon slot to equip it.
  • To disengage a weapon after a battle, press ESC.

Appearance When EquippedEdit


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