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The Founder's Pickaxe is a "double duty" gathering tool that works as a pick and an axe.

  • It is a soulbound item that can not be traded to other characters.
  • As of launch (June 2016) it incorporates the the ability to "see" the distance of gems and ore while mining, if it is equipped. Ore and gems have a soft, colored outline and a distance meter appears over each outline to indicate how far or near the resources are while mining.


Those who purchased an Founder's Packs for alpha or beta (early access) pack will have this pick when they log in. Should you lose yours, go to a spire and look for the blue and yellow Founder's Beta Chest; clicking the chest will replace founder's packs items (a bug caused some player's to lose theirs).

The biggest benefit of the Founder's Pickaxe is that it is a dual purpose harvesting tool that both mines ore, uncommon stone, and gems and also chops trees. Like the Farseer Pick, it also outlines and tells those who wield it the distance of ore, uncommon stone, and gems.

Harvesting TableEdit

This pick can be used to gather any resource.


To use this tool, approach an area you want to mine or a tree you want to chop down. Left click to gather that resource.

Item HistoryEdit

At one time, the game relied more on a system of tiers as seen in other games made by Daybreak (EQ, EQ2. etc.)

  • That system was (mostly) dropped in favor of allowing players to make choices rather than follow a more forced progression of one tool having greater value than the next. Instead, players (as of launch) can choose tools based on their personal preference and perceived value. For example, one axe might chop trees faster, while another increases the discovery rate of recipes. Which one a player will value most at any given time varies.

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