Landmark was unique in that it granted players a chance to support the game by buying access packs so they could participate in the earliest development phases of the game.

About the PacksEdit

  • Trailblazers were granted all of the same goodies as the lower-tier Founder's Packs, plus everything listed below.
  • Trailblazers were also granted 4 "buddy keys" that allowed them to invite a friend to check out the game for an unlimited time.
  • Similar closed beta keys were granted via premiums and contests (mostly held by Twitch players), but those keys were limited to 7 day tours of the game.
  • Explorer's were granted everything in the lowest-tier pack, plus the items listed in the table below.
  • A few items (marked with the *) were only available for those who purchased their packs during alpha and up until closed beta.
Trailblazer Explorer Settler
Alpha Access Alpha Access Unlimited Closed Beta
Trailblazer Flag Explorer Flag Settler Flag
Mastercraft Bracer Ring of Bounty Founder's Pickaxe
Void Vault Mega Pocket Title: Founder
Noble's Regalia Courtier's Regalia Forum Title: Founder
Tech Commander's Gear Tech Sergeant's Gear
*Early Access Beta Forums
*Forum Title: Trailblazer
*Early Access Beta Forums
* In-Game Title: Trailblazer

About Alpha and Closed BetaEdit

About LaunchEdit

Launch began on June 8th for those who had Trailblazer access.

Those who did not could access the game only on or after the official, public launch on June 10th, 2016.

Other InfoEdit

  • Steam Access was not added until well into closed beta. The game can still be purchased via Steam.

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