The Fill tool allows the player to fill in negative space (a.k.a 'air') with materials.

  • Unlike the Add Tool, this tool fills the empty space without disrupting anything around it.
For example, you can create or cut out an elaborate shape using all of the other tools, then combine this tool with the Selection Tool to fill that space.
  • This technique is used to create inlays that look like fine tiles in the real world, tapestries, or Persian-style carpets.

Entering Build ModeEdit

You can access all of the building tools by toggling to Build Mode in one of two ways:

  1. Press Tab on your keyboard or
  2. Click the Tools icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Though you can open Build Mode anywhere, you can only use these tools on your own Build Sites or on those you have been granted access to build on by the owner.


There are numerous uses for the this tool.

  1. Use it to fill the empty space left after placing somersetting else, like a whole building that does not fully touch the ground
  2. Use it to fill in 'air' spaces in an ornate 'cut out', that looks like fine tiles.
  3. Use it to create natural textures when terraforming on a build site.

How to UseEdit


Click to enlarge.

To use this tool you can do any of the following:

  1. Hover the tool directly over a blank area anywhere within the a build site. Click and it will paste with blocks (voxels) in a 'stacked" shape. This is ideal for terraforming.
  2. Enclose something using the Selection Tool. Then hover this tool over the area you've selected and fill in only the negative spaces. This is used to fill in inlays or to quickly accomplish tasks like fill in empty space under a building and the ground, when you do no want to warp either.

Experiment with a mix of the Add Tool and the Delete Tool (in different Shapes). Use the Smooth Tool to warp everything further and delete only limited areas. Finally, use the fill tool to fill in blank space.

Keyboard Shortcuts and CommandsEdit

While using this tool pressing T in your keyboard opens up the Fine Tuning options. Combing it was several other keyboard shortcuts found on the far right on the Tools tab of the Build Mode window allows you to nudge this tool to precise locations.

Demonstration VideosEdit

  • There are no demonstration videos at this time.

Suggested ReadingEdit

If you are new to Landmark, you may want to read the following pages:

  • Building Tools - to return to the page with an overview of all tools, commom building terminology and more.
  • Designs - to learn about designsand how they will save you time and effort while building.
  • Fine Tuning - how to push the tools and tweak the actions you are making with them.

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