Landmark Eyedropper Tool Active

Above: the eyedropper tool when activated.

The eyedropper tool is a building tool that appears only when used with another building tool. The easiest tool to activate it with is the Add Tool. It allows you to quickly change materials and textures while building on a build site. If you've used image editing software, you may be familiar with the concept of this - it is like an eyedropper to pick a color from an image you edit.


This tool speeds up the building process significantly by freeing you from opening the switching to or looking at options in the small, flat samples of the materials tray (palette) in the Build Mode mega palette.

For example, you can switch between sand and rock while terrforming (material types) or large obsidian bricks and polished (smooth) obsidian (a texture switch).

  • You must have the material placed somewhere on your build site to switch using this tool.
  • Many players create Voxel Boards to make using the eyedropper even faster. Note: the official term for voxel is now 'block,' but veteran players may still refer to them as voxels, hence the use of both names at times.

Uses with Other Tools

  • This tool switches one material for another, so you must have enough of the material you want to use in your inventory to proceed while using the Add Tool.
  • If you are using this with the Paint Tool, you will get pack the material preciously used to build an object back.

How to Use itEdit

Landmark Voxel Board

Shown here: an example of a player-made voxel board. Note the colored materials at the top. They are used with the eyedropper tool.

  1. Activate the Add Tool by clicking on it.
  2. Move the cube over the material you want to switch to
  3. Hold down Alt on your keyboard. (The eyedropper looks like a ray of light when doing this.)
  4. L click to switch the active material in your materials tray.

Eyedropper TricksEdit

  • Many players will set up an area where they place a small amount of all of the materials they plan to work with, so switching is easily within reach.
  • The image shown to the right is known as Voxel Board. Many players make these and keep them underground on their build sites to quickly grab unusual voxels they have created and to use the eyedropper to have access to all of the materials they can use.

Recommended ReadingEdit

  • Building Tools - if you are new to Landmark, to see an overview of all building tools
  • Voxel Board - if you want to learn one secret to building faster.

Beta BugsEdit

Sometimes it is difficult to use the delete, smooth, paint brush and heal tools to activate the eyedropper; for this reason, the add tool is the most reliable choice.

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