Formerly known as a pulverizer

The Extractor is a technologically advanced tool that is built for destruction, like a giant, hand-held drill.

It also gathers any tree resources (wood, sap, fiber) and mined resources you point it at.

Extractors are not part of the basic recipes found in the Replicator, so you need to discover them while gathering or "buy" them using Lumens.

How it DiffersEdit

  • Because they are a not an innate item, the Recipes for extractors must be looted while gathering or "purchased" using Lumens.
  • When players are starting out, they may want to use a separate axe to gather tree resources and pick to mine, due to the large quantity of materials it takes to make an extractor.
  • Some picks and axes also grant bonuses like luck or a speed boost, that one does not get from some extractors.
  • When used in tandem with a Cave Seeker It can be used to tunnel deep into the world to travel from one chaos cavern to the next.
  • To make the best use of some extractors while exploring caves, special deposit-locating tools can help you find veins ore and minerals; these additional tools are the Ore Prospector or Ground Sounder. Take one or both with you, but use only one of the two to display deposits far under ground.

Using a ExtractorEdit


A character with the NovaTech Holoseeker extractor equipped.

After you make a extractor at a Replicator:

  1. Press i to open your inventory and locate the extractor.
  2. Drag it to your hotbar (like picks and axes)
  3. Click on it in the hotbar to equip it
  4. Point it in the direction you'd like to dig and hold down you L mouse button to start tunneling

Tip: swinging the extractor in a circluar motion while you dig often makes it easier to use the Ore Finder and Ground Pounder again, so you can make sure you're heading in the right direction.

Types of ExtractorsEdit


The NovaTech Holoseeker in use, showing ore, uncommon stone, and gems.

Item HistoryEdit

At one time, this tool was used only for digging. The ability to gather resources was added prior to launch.


The media below demonstrated the pulverizers, which did NOT gather materials. Even so, the basic look and feel of this item is identical, it just gathers resources now too.

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