Earth Essence is an Essence. This crafting component is required to craft items that have a Earth Affinity.

Basic InfoEdit

Innate Yes
Crafting Station Replicator
Quality Superior

How to MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.

Item Quanitity
2 Monster Essence


Earth weapons are indomitable and overwhelming. They possess the following properties.

  • Regrowth: Successful attacks can restore missing life.
  • Harden: When activated, the next opponents attack deals reduced damage.
  • Crush: Opponents can be knocked to the ground, which temporarily stops their attacks and movement.

How To ObtainEdit

Obtained from PVE combat or crafted using Monster Essence from items from monsters

As a Recipe ComponentEdit

For example, Earth Essence is used to make to following:

Other InformationEdit

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