This item can now be crafted at a Replicator. The page needs updates. Please take a moment to update it page and remove this note.

During closed beta the Delver's Grappling Hook can only be looted by finding a chest in a cave. It has significantly better stats most of the Grappling Hooks than can be crafted.

Basic InfoEdit

See the examine window on the right for stats at this time.

Landmark Delvers Grappling Hook Examine Window

The examine window for the Delver's Grappling Hook.

Tier None
Crafting Station None
Refining Station None
Quality Exceptional

How To MakeEdit

It is currently a loot-only item from chests, though that status may change after closed beta.

Other InformationEdit


  1. Use your mouse to aim
  2. Press Q to fire the hook (the default was changed from E in late Nov. 2014)
  3. Press the space bar to release it.

See this handy video for basic usage.

Building Blocks Introducing the Grappling Hook01:00

Building Blocks Introducing the Grappling Hook

The video that introduced the Grappling Hook to Landmark.

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