Refined wood demo

Example 1, left to right: a cube showing the raw wood texture compared to a cube of diagonal plain wood planks.

All wood must be refined at a Replicator before it can be used in crafting and building.


Cut Wood is simply wood that is processed after you fell trees to gather wood. Like wood in the real world, the wood you gather needs to be taken through a process to prepare it for building.

After wood is refined it becomes the cut version. This means Burled Wood is only useful after it is refined to make Cut Burled Wood.

In Landmark, the refining process acts as a means to increase what you have to use. For example, 50 gathered wood becomes 750 cut wood after it is refined.

The refining process stretches what players gather, but it also offsets any inventory overflow that can occur with some resources, since Inventory is split into a section for "raw" resources and refined materials.

List of Cut WoodEdit


Above: An example of how it appears when you examine refined wood in inventory.

Suggested ReadingEdit

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