Cry Havoc! is a goal found in the journal.
Cry havoc!


To complete this goal, you must do the following:

  • Craft the Dungeon Builder's Starter Set from the Lumen Station
  • Place the Barren Flameblade character from your Props tab in Build Mode (?/2)
  • Switch your Build Site to Play Mode, using [F5] or the Play button in the upper right
  • Open Lumen Station by clicking the Lumen count in the upper left menu
  • Close the Build UI [Tab], enable Play Mode on your site once again, and defeat the Barren Flameblades! (?/2)
  • Close build mode [Tab] and equip your weapon
  • Press [left mouse button] for Basic Attack
  • Press [right mouse button] for Power Attack
  • Place a campfire for out-of-combat healing. Extra campfires can be crafted in the Lumen Station
  • Return your site to Edit Mode, using [F5] or the Pause button in the upper right


Items received upon completion:

Other InformationEdit

  • You can access the journal by pushing J.

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