Top: the Crimson Parlor station found at all spires. Bottom: UI elements allow you to change the appearance shows next to the view of a character being changed.

The Crimson Parlor allows you to customize your character after creation whether you're dissatisfied or just bored.


The Crimson Parlor is located at all surface Spires. Anyone with a build site can also place this using the Prop Palette.

To use it, press F while standing near it or click on the actual station. Doing so will change the view so you can see your character and open customization options similar to those you had when you first created your character.

Each change costs Lumens. The more features you elect to change, the more it costs. For example, changing all of the character will cost more than only changing that character's hairstyle.

The following options can be altered:
  • Face
  • Skintone
  • Hair
  • Hair Color
  • Facial Hair
  • Eye Color
  • Sex
  • Character Body Type (Size)

Parlor PacksEdit


Examples of options unlocked with the Fantasy Pack.

All player have access to basic, humanoid features by default, but optional features can be purchased. As of July 2016, they can only be unlocked by using Daybreak Cash.

  • Fantasy Parlor Pack - a pack that adds access to features one might expect to see in high-fantasy games, art and literature, like elven ears, usual skin tones and more.
  • The Parlor Pack features can be previewed at the Crimson Parlor, even if you have not yet purchased the pack. If you still need the pack a green + can be clicked to open the Marketplace tab of the Showcase to purchase the pack.

Official AnnouncementEdit

Below is the official announcement that introduced this feature, as written by Domino in a June 7th 2016 official forum post.

Time for a change? The Crimson Parlor is ready to provide all your styling needs by letting you change the character’s appearance at any time! Regretting your hipster mustache choice? Want to sport hot pink hair for a party? Need to increase your tan before that upcoming desert expedition? You’ll find it all here! Each option you select has a small lumen cost; you can preview all the available options and then confirm with the Purchase button when you’re happy with your new look. Now available at every spire hub, and also as a prop to place on your build site.

Other InfoEdit

  • See the Character Creation page to review the basic features a player can choose when creating a new character.

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