Crimson Helm is combat armor, you can equip in the head slot of the Character Sheet. This armor has an Primal Affinity.

Basic InfoEdit

Tier N/A
Crafting Station Tech Forge
Refining Station None
Quality Average
Spell Effect please check stats in-game and change here
Stats please check stats in-game and change here
Affinity Primal

How to ObtainEdit

Can drop for monsters, chests or crafted as below at the tech forge , this recipe makes 1 item.

Item Quantity
Ether Shard 500
Aspect of Protection 1
Smelted Copper 5
Cut Agate 5

Other InformationEdit

Understanding Affinity can improve your success in combat.

  • Part of the Crimson armor set.
See the Affinity (Equipment List) - for armor and other gear grouped by affinities.

Appearance when EquippedEdit

As of March 2015, helms do not show when equipped

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