This term is used loosely in Landmark. It can refer to both resources that are only used for crafting and the act of refining some raw resources for both crafting and building.


The general term, crafting component, refers to anything that makes up all or part of a "recipe".

It can also refer to any refined resource that it processed at the Replicator. For example, all Copper Ore must be refined into Smelted Copper before it can be used in to further craft items and before it can be used as a building material.

Crafting-only ComponentsEdit

Crafting Components are raw materials that are harvested specifically for the purpose of crafting.

Many of these can only be used for crafting rather than building.

Some examples of crafting-only components are:

For the complete list crafting-only raw comments, see the category page Crafting components.


Landmark Component Demo

Above and edited for emphasis: the yellow box encloses a sub-component while the others are raw material components.

Crafting sub-components are components made from combining raw materials at a crafting station before they can be used in a recipe. In other words, you need to use a different recipe before they can be used any any other recipe. Once you have them complete, they can be used as components in other recipes.

The most common form of these are Composite Resources, which may be made from 2 or more combined resources that are then combined again to make an item.

Refined Materials as ComponentsEdit

All resources must be refined before they can be used as crafting materials or building materials. Though they are used for both crafting and building, that they must be combined into composites and synthetics first, means they have a phase as crafting components.

Before they become composites and synthetics, all must be processed at the Replicator. All refined resources that come from mining and logging trees must be turned into refined resources before they are useful. These will always have cut or smelted in the name.



Some refined materials combine one or more resource that was previously refined. These are known as Composite Resources. Composites may also have cut or smelted in their names, because they are made from 2 or more cut or smelted resources.

Synthetic CompositesEdit

Synthetic go a step beyond in complexity . Some will be a mix of numerous types of refined resources with the addition of another crafting component.


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