The Counting Node prop is a Story Tool that lets players increment and decrement a counter based on other events, and trigger events based on the counter. The Counting Node is identical to the Scoreboard prop except it does not have a display that is visible in Play Mode.


The Counting Node can display a value between 0 and 99. The player can designate the starting value and maximum value that the node can reach. Incoming links can change the value, and outgoing links can trigger off the value reaching its maximum, reaching zero, or being incremented or decremented. 

Like most other story tools, the Counting Node is only visible while editing in Edit Mode, so the value of the counter cannot be seen directly by people playing through the story on a build site. The Counting Node is meant to be used as an internal logic mechanism for linking and triggering events. A prop with similar functionality but with a display that shows the counter number to players is the Scoreboard prop.

Incoming and Outgoing LinksEdit

The Counting Node has the following options for Incoming Links:

  • "...Increase this node's count by 1."
  • "...Decrease this node's count by 1."
  • "...Set this node's count to its maximum."
  • "...Set this node's count to 0."

The Counting Node has the following options for Outgoing Links:

  • "When this node's count reaches its maximum..."
  • "When this node's count reaches 0..."
  • "When this node's count increases..."
  • "When this node's count decreases..."


The Counting Node prop has the following options under Settings:

  • Name: Allows players to give the prop a name only they can see.
  • Starting Value: A slider that can be set to a value between 0 and 99.
  • Max Count: A slider that can set to a value between 0 and 99.


The Counting Node can be useful in a number of a situations. For example, suppose that your story includes endlessly respawning skeletons, and you want to send a message to the player when they have killed 20 of them. You could set up a Counting Node with a maximum count of 20, and incoming links from the skeletons to increase the node's count every time a skeleton dies. Then you could set up an outgoing link from the Counting Node to a Story Node that displays the text "You have defeated 20 skeletons!" when the counter hit its maximum.

Required ResourcesEdit

The following resources are required to place this prop.

Quantity Resource
50 Cut Plain Wood

General Prop InformationEdit

  • All props are placed using the Prop Palette using the Build Mode interface while the Build Site is in Edit Mode.
  • To remove this prop, right click the prop and hit Recycle. Any materials used to place it will be returned to you.
  • This prop is innate. It is prop knowledge included in the Prop Palette by default for new characters.
  • This prop can be tinted using the Tints tab in the Build Mode interface.
  • This prop is only visible in Edit Mode.

Appearance when PlacedEdit

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