In addition to World Voxels, which you can use for visually measuring distances, Landmark has a second set of measuring units: the Landmark Coordinate System.

Landmark CoordinatesEdit

When you type “/LOC” in your chat line, you will be given a set of 3 coordinates, describing your current position on the island you are on. This set of coordinates looks like this:

266.39, 1120.30, -115.08

Let’s call these the x-, y- and z-coordinates. So, in the above example, your current location on the island would be:
LM Coordinates

Landmark Coordinate System

x = 266.39, y = 1120.30, z = -115.08

We can easily find out that the origin of this coordinate system (0, 0, 0) is always in the center of each island, usually not far from the central Spire. For topological reasons the Spire is not exactly at the center; for example here are the Spire coordinates for a few randomly selected islands:

Abyss: (-266.39, 1120.30, -16.25)
Beach: (-132.27, 1058.66, -183.84)
Gully: (118.69, 1165.45, 148.65)
Timber: (56.13, 1177.20, -115.56).

Starting from the origin, the x-coordinates are positive (increasing) towards the East, negative (decreasing) towards the West. The y-coordinates show the altitude (increasing while you move further up), while the z-coordinates increase towards the South.

In terms of coordinates, each of the islands has a size of 8000 * 8000 units. The “upper left” (NW) corner of the map has x = -4000, z = -4000, the “lower right” (SE) corner has x = 4000, z = 4000.

Coordinates and World VoxelsEdit

Measuring the coordinates against a ruler of World Voxels, we find:

100 world voxels = 40 coordinate units.

This means: 1 coordinate unit corresponds to 2.5 vx or approximately 0.64 meters.

Using these values, the size of each island is 20,000 * 20,000 vx or approximately 5 by 5 km.

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