Common Materials refers to a collection of materials used only as Building Materials. Resources of this type are mined but they are not found in veins like ore or deposits like gemstone.


Unlike metal, gems, and uncommon stone, these resources are gathered passively any time you mine other resources.

  • The only adjustment needed to gather some of these is your general location.
  • For example, ice is only found in the Tundra Biome, but it makes up broad areas that look like ice all over the landscape. This means if you are mining Copper Ore on a snowy hillside, you will also be gathering ice.


Of all of the Building Materials in Landmark, this category has the broadest range of sources.

  • Ice - which is gathered from Tundra Biomes.
  • Water - which actually uses the same ice as above when placed.
  • Dirt - which is gathered almost any time you swing a pick or extractor, anywhere in the world. It is used to place the ceramic, plaster and stucco textures.
  • Common Stone - which is used to place many of the slate and masonry textures and is as easy to passively gather as dirt. Some seasonal textures may use stone too.

Included TypesEdit

This category includes:

Other InfoEdit

  • No other info at this time.

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