As of June 10th 2016 this list is out of date. It will updated in near the future to include any new commands, including those shown via the /emotelist command (once fixed).

Below is a list of all currently known slash commands in Landmark and what they do.

On Sept. 29th, 2015 an announcement about upcoming changes was posted: players will be able to switch between Build Mode and Adventure Mode. At that time the UI (User Interface) and keyboard commands for building-related features will change drastically. See the announcement on the official forums to get a sense of planned changes and check the update notes on the official forums for the launch of the changes. As such this wiki will need updates after the changes launch.


Command Description
/afk (toggle)

Mark/Unmark as AFK [A]way [F]from [K]eyboard

/bug <description> Opens the bug report interface.
/camp Exits the game.
/emote <text>

Allows you to send any emote that you type.

/exit Exits the game.
/join <channel> Allows you to create or join a new channel. This opens a new tab.
/leave <channel> Leaves a channel.
/loc Provides the X, Y, Z coordinate of your location.
/marketplace open Opens the Showcase
/marketplaceclose Close the Showcase - reloads on next open

report a claim for violation and CS attention[Dead Link]

/who Shows all of the players on the current server (lag while loading).
/yell or /shout Yells to a zone (within a certain distance).

/Chat CommandsEdit

Command Ailas Description
/1 General chat channel
/2 Trade channel
/3 Crafting channel
/4 Newbie channel
/join <channelname> Joins a channel or creates one if the channel does not exist (also creates a chat tab for the channel)
/leave <channel> Leaves the channel.
/reply /r To reply to the last whispered message received
/shout /yell Broadcasts a message to the zone (with limited range)
/tell <playername><message> /whisper or /t or /w To whisper privately to another player
/who <channelname> See a list of who is in the channel
/ignore add [*name*] Adds a player to your block list.

Type /<channel number> <message> to chat in channels.

/Friend CommandsEdit

/friend add <Target Player Name>

/Party CommandsEdit

/party invite <playername>

/party accept
/party reject
/party kick <playername>
/party leave
/party disband
/party setowner <playername>

/Emotes (each bolded subcategory can stack)Edit

Moods - upper body

Displayed Message
Displays a list of all usable emotes. (working)
You are angry with [*target*].
[*target*] puts you into a good mood.
/calm (restores to default)
You feel calm.
You feel sad.

/Poses(Spacebar toggles positional changes on some)Edit

Idle Poses - lower body

​Displayed Message
(A or D makes you twirl)

You dance.

You are drunk.
You kneel.
You play dead.
You skip.
You sit.
You lie down.
You are sneaky... very sneaky.
(restores to default)
You stand.
Gestures ​Displayed Message
You beckon everyone closer.
You plead for assistance.
You bow.
You cheer.

You offer your congratulations.

You applaud [*target*].

You cough loudly.
You weep.
You flex your mighty muscles.
You flirt outrageously.
You giggle.
You groan loudly.

You give a hug.

You laugh loudly.
You disagree.
You nod.
You point.
You make a shooing
You shrug.
You sneeze violently.
You sob.
You talk for a while.
You talk continuously.
You shake a fist.
You wave.

You welcome everyone warmly.

You yawn widely.
You yell loudly.

Further ReadingEdit

If you are new to Landmark you may want to look at the related topics:

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