The Combat Node prop is a Story Tool that can be linked to a creature on a Build Site in order to override their default combat behavior and directly control their actions in combat.


The Combat Node has two functions: to change a creature's Combat Tactics, and to tell a creature to perform specific abilities. Unlike the Story Node, the Combat Node can only affect a single creature.

"Combat Tactics" refers to a creature's combat behavior. A creature's starting Combat Tactics can be set under the creature's own settings, while the Combat Node can be used to change the Tactics in repsonse to other events. The available combat tactic settings are Standard, Stationary, and Do Nothing. "Standard" makes the creature do whatever it would normally do (attempt to get into melee range or whatever is appropriate for that creature). "Stationary" makes the creature stand still during combat, but still allows it to perform its combat abilities as usual. "Do Nothing" will both prevent the creature from moving and from performing any combat abilities without explicit instructions (from a Combat Node).

Outgoing and Incoming LinksEdit

The only Outgoing Link from a Combat Node is "Choose the creature this node will control".

The Incoming Links that are available change after the node is linked to a creature. Before the node is linked to a creature, the only Incoming Link available is "Set the combat tactics on this node's linked creature". After being linked to a creature, the node will have additional links available that tell the creature to perform its abilities, one for each ability that the creature can execute. The abilities will be listed as Ability 1, Ability 2, etc. The names of the actual abilities that correspond to these designations can be found under the node's settings after a link with a creature has been established.


Before being linked to a creature, the Combat Node prop has the following options under Settings:

  • Name: Allows players to give the prop a name only they can see.
  • Combat Tactics: Allows players to choose the combat behavior of the creature: Standard, Stationary, or Do Nothing.

After being linked to a creature, the Combat Node Settings will also show a list of the creature's abilities and designate them Ability 1, Ability 2, etc for event linking purposes.

Required ResourcesEdit

The following resources are required to place this prop.

Quantity Resource
50 Cut Plain Wood

General Prop InformationEdit

  • All props are placed using the Prop Palette using the Build Mode interface while the Build Site is in Edit Mode.
  • To remove this prop, right click the prop and hit Recycle. Any materials used to place it will be returned to you.
  • This prop is innate. It is prop knowledge included in the Prop Palette by default for new characters.
  • This prop can be tinted using the Tints tab in the Build Mode interface.
  • This prop is only visible in Edit Mode.

Appearance when PlacedEdit

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