As of June 2016 (launch) this window is intergrated with the carried Inventory.

Press i to open it. It can be found to the far right of the Bag tab.


The Character Sheet in Landmark is used to view your characters stats and to equip gear and accessories.

  • You can further boost stats by adding items and accessories to your character. Some gear will be stored here, rather than in a hotbar For example, Picks remain in a hotbar and are never located in the character sheet, but your grappling hook found here.

Items found in the Character SheetEdit

Character Sheet

The Character Sheet includes the following equipped items:

In the About section, you can choose a title from the ones you have collected. It also lists your Luminary Score and now many Build Sites and Gallery Listings you have. You can add a short bit about yourself in the Biography section. Below that, you can view how many Lumens and how much Daybreak Cash you have, and allows you to purchase more.

Adding and Removing Gear and AccessoriesEdit

Manual approach:

  1. Open your Inventory interface (press i)
  2. Drag an accessory from your inventory, (such as the Keen-Eye Band) to correct location in the Character Sheet
The reverse can be done to remove items.

The automatic approach: Most gear and accessories can be double clicked or right clicked on while in your inventory to auto-equip them.

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