This is a categorical listing of props. See the topic page, Prop, for more information on prop placement.

This is the top-level category for all pages related to Props.

Before adding anything to it consider the following:
  • Would the page be better suited to any of the sub-category pages found in the Category Dictionary?
Sub-categories provide a way to keep like-information together. For example, all of the individual pages for furniture props, like beds or seating, are better collected in the Furniture category page. All pages should be added to as few categories as possible, so please consult the Category Dictionary.
  • Is the page about the topic of gathering in general? For example the topic page, Prop Palette, is well suited for this page, as it deals with an entire topic placing and manipulating props.

Category List of PropsEdit

Note: several props on this wiki are still being updated to reflect major changes that took place before the June 2016 launch of the game. This includes many names. All props are placed using the Prop Palette.

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