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Landmark Prop Placement demo

Above: the UI element that opens when you R click on a prop to manipulate its location, to rotate it, and change its size.

This is a categorical listing of props. See the Prop page for more information on prop placement and a list organized by specific types based in use (eg. all bedding-related items).

Props are items you can craft and place on your claims. Some props can also be purchased via the Showcase in bundles if you do not want to take the time to craft them.

In Landmark, a prop is anything that is not created using the building tools, rather, once crafted they retain the general appearance they have when they were made; for example, you can not change the color of a prop using the paint tool.
  • As of Aug 2014, props are made at a Tinkerer's Workshop
  • Nearly all trees, plants and rocks in the world of Landmark can be crafted to create a natural look or a entirely new look on a claim. During closed beta, such props have their own categories at a Tinkerer's Workshop.

Category List of PropsEdit

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