Formerly known as a claim flag during closed beta (2015)

This item must be used to select a build site.

  • As of June 2016 (when the game went from closed beta to live status) all players will start out with one build site already set for them on a flat, single-biome Pioneer Landscape.
  • You can delete a location at any time to get the Build Site flag back by traveling to the build site and deleting that location.
  • To do so, press U to open your Build Site Management Window. Press i to open you Inventory and move the flag from the inventory overflow (clock icon) to your normal inventory again.

Using a Build Site FlagEdit

Right click on the item in your inventory, and choose to place the Build Site Flag.

See the Build Sites page for details about how and where you can place a flag, the process of placing it, and more.

Additonal Build Site FlagsEdit

Beyond the Build Site Flag you get initially players can add more The maximum number of Build Sites a player can own per account (as of launch, 2016) is eight. Most players players will start with 1 build site.

  • The don't need any materials to make a Build Site Flag, but you can only place as many as you were granted by:

1) Your status as a participant during Alpha or Closed Beta prior to May 5th, 2015. Players who contributed to the game development were granted 2 Build Sites. 2) You can buy additional Build Site "slots" through the Showcase.

  • Travel to any Spire and click on the Replicator. Locate the recipe for Build Site Flag

Item HistoryEdit

The following refers to changes that happened during closed beta. The info below is retained for historical purposes.

The following May 2015 changes impact claims and attached claims:
  • Players who had an active account and character prior to the May 5th, 2015 resource and character wipe and the huge game update that followed were granted a minimum of 2 root (main) claims and 8 attached claims.
  • Players starting a new account and character after May 5th, 2015 are granted a minimum of 1 root claim and 3 attached claims.
  • As of May 2015, players must click on an icon (currently flags, but subject to change) to activate their claim and attached claim slots.
  • All players can expand the number of root and attached claims they have by using Daybreak Cash to purchase extra expansion slots via the Marketplace section of the Showcase.
  • As of May 2015 the maximum slots for root claims is 8 and the maximum attached is 24 for all players. Due to the nature of closed beta the maximum limits may change, so press U while in-game to see the total limit of root and attached claims your character can have.
See the full and summarized May 2015 update notes as several changes effected claims, crafting, gathering, tools, combat and much more.
See the claim-specific, detailed notes that announced changes to claims for information effecting only this topic.

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