A Build Site Expansion allows players to add additional build site.

As of June 2016, the maximum number of build site a player can have is eight.

This number can change, so check the forums for any updates and the main page for topics to build site for updated info on this wiki.


All players start with at least one Build Site, unless they were participants in beta up to the game wipe in May 2015; those who helped with alpha and beta testing up to that point were granted two build sites.

An Build Site Expansion is an item you can purchase using Daybreak Cash from the Marketplace. Buying and using this item with grant a player an extra build site space. As of May 2015 you can buy single Build Site Expansions or you can buy them bundled for a slight savings.

How to ObtainEdit

All players have the option to purchase Daybreak Cash if they want to buy any number of items from the Marketplace tab of the Showcase. Daybreak Cash is Daybreak Game Company's virtual currency, purchased with real-world money. You will need to have Daybreak Cash in your virtual wallet before you can purchase this item.

See the Daybreak Cash page for more details.

You can buy this item in one of two ways:

  • Press U to open the Build Site Management window, click on the Get More Build Sites button. It will open the Marketplace so you can look for and purchase a Build Site Expansion.
  • Press B to open the Showcase. Click on the Marketplace tab. Look for an purchase a Build Site Expansion.


Once you have purchased a Build Site Expansion it will appear in the Bag tab of your character's Inventory. The icon looks like the preview image here, which is a build site flag, though gold-tone and the icon has a + (plus sign) in the bottom right corner.

Click on the Build Site Expansion icon to active the new slot and the icon will disappear. Once you have activated it, you just need a normal Build Site Flag to use the new slot and place the actual build site. As of May 2015, players can craft build site flags using zero materials at any Replicator; due to the nature of closed beta, crafting of such flags can change at any time.

Other InfoEdit

  • This item was introduced in May 2015.
  • The price may vary at any time, so check the price in-game using the Showcase
  • As of May 2015, this item is less expensive when purchased in a Builder's Bundle, which includes multiple Build Site Expansions. Check the pricing in-game and look for any additional bundles that may contain it at a value price.

Related TopicsEdit

  • Build Sites - describes what a build site is, how to place a build site, various features for security and use, and more.
  • Showcase - describes the entire UI (User Interface) window for making purchases and visiting other player's build sites.

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