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An axe is the basic gathering tool used to cut down Trees to get wood and similar materials used to craft and build on a claim

An axe is a gathering tool used for collecting wood, tree fiber, and tree sap from trees.

As of June 2016, any axe can be used to chop down trees, but different axes offer different bonuses or advantages. For example, one axe may increase the discover rate of prop recipes, while another may chop trees faster, to make it easier to collect a huge quantity of wood.

Axes by TierEdit

The following axes can be crafted as of June 2016 (game launch).

Axe Tools Summary
Adventurer's Logging Axe Basic starter axe, no benefits
Charmed Axe Grants a bit of luck while logging
Hotfoot Axe Grants a brief speed boost after logging
Whirlwind Axe Chops trees down faster
Goliath Axe Grants more resources per swing, but swings slower than others

Other InfoEdit

You can look up axe recipes at any time by pressing J to open the recipes in the Journal; if you add the recipe to your goal list, the resources you need can be tracked.

While in game, identifying trees can be tricky when you're new. See the Trees page for help understanding where to go to find plain, burled, and striped wood.

Item HistoryEdit

Axes underwent numerous changes between the time the game was in testing and live launch (June 2016). Perhaps the biggest change was that all axes can chop all trees and the tier system was "softened" significantly to favor player choice based on item use, over "grinding" to upgrade items.

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