See also: Outfits for a categorical list of similar items.

Artisan's Outfit (Yellow) is a crafted cosmetic outfit.

Basic InfoEdit

Artisans Outfit Yellow examine

Examine window for Artisan's Outfit (Yellow)

Crafted outfits are found in the Outfits category on the Replicator.

  • This outfit is innate. It is knowledge included in the Replicator when anyone creates a new character.
  • Most outfits have several color variations and this is one of many.

How to MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.

Item Quantity
Yellow Cloth 1500

Other InformationEdit

This clothing item is a one-piece outfit. Like all cosmetic gear, it lacks any stats and, therefore, the quality does not vary when making it.

  • Clothing may have some variation when equipped on a character, based on their sex.
Typically, such differences are very minor and tend to occur in the footwear portion of the outfit only.

See the Artisan's Outfit (Colors) page for additional color options in this style.

Appearance when EquippedEdit

Artisans Outfit Yellow Equip

Artisan's Outfit (Yellow) when equipped.


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