The official term for a voxel is now 'block,' to better describe a single unit of material in the default shape and default size (1 block) while using the add tool.

This refers to a volume smaller than that one can place using the smallest size (1) and default cube shape using the Add Tool.


Anti-voxels are included with micro voxels, zero volume voxels, and zero data voxels as player discovered special voxel types. They are created by compressing air into a regular voxel shape, as described by Tsagh during closed beta.  

Anti-voxel strings, aka irregular voxel strings, behave like regular voxels along regular-voxel-length axis and like microvoxels along their thinner axis. The techniques they encompass in creation can be used to embed air within another voxel or create a voxel with air embedded within it.


The video below is from closed beta, therefore the keyboard commands, UI (User Interface) and general lingo of the game has since changed. Even so, it may be useful to understand the "inner workings" of this topic.

Antivoxels for beginners04:27

Antivoxels for beginners

Anti-voxels for beginners.

Suggested ReadingEdit

New players may want to start with the following:

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