Harvesting DamageHarvesting SpeedHarvesting SizeAdventurers-mining-pick-6-2016
About this image
Crafting Station Replicator
Quality N/A
Previous Tier N/A
Next Tier N/A

Adventurer's Mining Pick is the basic starter pick. Like all Picks it is used to mine, but it offers no special bonuses.

  • All players have this pick when they create a character, but of you delete it and need to make it again, it uses zero materials.
Tier N/A
Crafting Station Replicator
Quality N/A

How To MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.  

Quantity Item
0 N/A

Other InformationEdit

Picks with bonuses can be crafted at a Replicator.

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