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Accessories are items created in Landmark that boost certain stats, providing a passive benefit or boost to your character. To learn about equipping gear like accessories, see the Gear and Equipment page.


Many accessories are innate items that anyone can craft at a Replicator as soon as they have the basic resources needed to make them.

  • Non-innate accessories recipes can be added to the Replicator in the following ways:
  1. Discovered as Recipes while engaging in non-building activities like defeating all types of monsters and/or gathering resources.
  2. Added to the Replicator by using the Lumen Station to "buy" them.
  • Some resources are easy to come by while gathered, while others are randomly looted ("dropped").

Combat AccessoriesEdit

Rather than having pre-chosen combat classes like other games (e.g. tank, healer, etc.) Landmark allows you to change how you fight by simply changing weapons.

Combat accessories effect your skill in combat by providing a variety of boosts to stats associated with a specific Affinity (aka keywords). These can be though of as themed Affinities.

When you choose to use and accessory that has an Affinity that matches the other gear and equipment you use, the bonuses are increased based on the weapon (and armor) used if they have a harmonious Affinity too.

  • See the Affinity page to learn about each option.
  • If you're already familiar with the various affinities, see the Affinity (Equipment List) page for groupings of weapons, armor, and accessories by their Affinity.


Rather than making players switch between combat accessories and gathering accessories, gathering bonuses are folded into the gathering tools you choose.

  • See the Picks page for details on how to choose the right pick.
  • See the Axe pages for how to chose and axe.
  • See the Extractor page for a futuristic tool that gathers both mined resources and logging trees.

Other InformationEdit

You can combine several Monster Essences or Adventure Essences to create the special, affinity resources you need to make weapons and armor.

Related TopicsEdit

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