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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/26/2015

Inferno Kabam

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North is launching their worldwide PvP Event on the new Inferno Server starting this Friday!
It lasts 2 weeks and gives out massive rewards! Best of all, everyone starts off from scratch so it`s all fair game and back to basics!
Check out all the details here =>
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• 4/3/2015

Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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• 11/18/2014

Landmark beta access for 6€?

I got my landmark access from for 6€ vs the 20€ from steam and the 15€ from SOE still a big difference, even the trailblazer wich was like 15€ is G2A and 92€ in steam, well i guess that it is the best place to start getting anygame from now on...
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• 10/12/2014

Loss of all my chests, vaults and personal items

I am apauled to find out that now Landmark has become a griefing server.   Sony needs to start monitoring these things, or they will loose many players before the final release comes out.  Has anyone else lost claims, and chests inthe past many months?  I'm starting to think that I'm not going to continue this gaming system.
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• 8/24/2014

Will there be a..

There's a smooth tool so will there be a rough tool?
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• 7/26/2014

Online Recipe system temperature check

I know we're still in beta and keeping an updated recipe db is not necessarily high on anyone's list, but I noticed that the two solutions on the Crafting page are 5-6 months old or completely offline. 
Would anyone be terribly interested if I publicly host the db system I'm working on? It's close, but not complete, and of course, not all of the data has been added. I'm just working on the interface. So, yes, any interest or am I just learning MVC for myself at this point?

Search and Sort all recipes Still need to get the Components page built out
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• 7/11/2014

inserts for game

I would like to see an added feature where we can build things like fences, gates, grates, etc and other normal real world items.    I wanted to put up an iron fence and a gate around my stairs, so that it looks more realistic.  Maybe SOE needs to look into some of the things on minecraft and allow us to use similar items for building.
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• 7/8/2014

Table of Contents on article pages: On or Off?

It has been suggested that the Table of Contents should be turned off for all of our articles. Because the large majority of our articles are relatively short, they don't serve much purpose. By turning them off, they will not appear at all on any article page - not even a heading.
Before I make a global change, I would like some feedback. Please "vote" by submitting your comment below, with either "On" or "Off".
Please note, that when the Table of Contents are "On", you can choose to hide them and the Wikia will remember your choice. You'll see "Table Of Contents (show)" in a box. Click on "Show" will open the box. Not all of our articles are short, some are long and contain lists which are accesable by using headings which show up in a ToC.
I will run this poll until the end of July, or until a clear majority of votes is shown. The result of this poll will produce an "accepted practice" standard for this wiki.
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• 6/27/2014

Category pages and finding stuff you like!

Hello fellow Landmarkian editors!
This post is to bring light to our Category dictionary and how easy it is to find things on this wiki!
By using the dictionary, you can find category pages which list everything from all the Gems, Potions, Spell Effects, life in a particular biome, Props, Rock Props, Tree Props, various Tools and all sorts of things.
The dictionary is your focal place for not only finding things, but a guide to help organize things as well. By using the Talk page to make change requests we can ensure that we're getting public consensus on changes, and that they reflect a neutral point of view. The other reason we use a consensus system is that categories are difficult to change once they're implemented - in that they can take a lot of effort to incorporate the change to all the affected articles.
Protip: You can change between a graphic thumbnail preview of category pages, and the "standard" Wikipedia style text list, by clicking on the light grey icons in the top right corner of the article area. The three horizontal lines indicate the text list format, the four boxes indicate the thumbnail preiview format. The Wikia will remember your choice the next time you view a category page (if your cookies are enabled).
So there it is! I look forward to hearing from all you editors on this.
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• 6/27/2014

Clothing categories

Hello all!
In preparation for new clothing, armour and accessories coming out I'd like to set up the categories that will contain them. My proposed names listed on the Talk Page of the Category dictionary are Shirts, Pants, Boots, Gloves, and Bracers. Rings are already listed.
My question is, are these names good, or do we want to label the categories according to the slot the items go into - such as "Shirts" (in case shirts are a separate item from other armour), Chest, Legs, Feet, Hands, Wrists, Neck (forgot about amulets and neck items), etc?
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• 5/23/2014


is there a singleplayer
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• 5/19/2014


Are we allowed to livestream this? Lots offriends really want to see if it something they would enjoy!
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• 5/3/2014

Crafted Items - General page template

This thread is to discuss what we should have on a crafted item page and what we should leave out. Let's start with Woven Cotton, or Petrified Heartwood and go from there.
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• 5/1/2014

Props needs to be under reference in the navigation bar

It is a little disapointing how difficult it is to find a text list of props on this wiki.  It would help if we could get a "props" page with a list of props in the reference navigation menu. Currently the prop list is hidden in the tinkerer's workstation.  It would be great to have it more exposed.
I can make a text list page but it would be great to have it under resources in the navigation bar, something I can't do (at least from what I can tell).
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• 4/25/2014

Do we have a solution yet?

I lost my claims x 2 because of lack of funds...everything is still in the extended inventory and I have now paid for the upkeep again, but when I click on the (Place) button it won't let me put it down on the claim...I have read the discussion about it and know that a solution is thought of to just pay the upkeep and get the whole thing back if the land is not claimed...
I just don't think it is fair to go through all that work of making the necessary tools to get the flag and place it on a piece of land, spend all that time to shape and build and create just to lose it if you can't get to play for a couple of days (for real life is sometimes like that) and pay the upkeep..would it not be better  if we didn't lose the actual claims but simply have no access until the upkeep is paid?
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• 4/10/2014

Categories are out of control - how do we fix them?

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone.
Now that the servers are down for a couple hours, we can all catch up on Wiki reading!
I'm feeling that the categories on this wiki are getting out of control, with a current total of 129. I'd like to see some sort of standardized way we can apply them so similar items have a similar number of categories . Eg currently Diamond has 3 categories, Moonstone has 7.
Can we come up with a "roadmap", which will help us apply categories in a more consistent manner? This could be a chart, list, tree, ideas, discussion... I'm open.
Let the discussion begin.
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• 4/5/2014

Revamp the front page

I think the front page could use an overhaul. In my opinion at least currently basic things that have been added since the original front page was created are not consistently reachable hurting access to the game. And it will get worse when Landmark gains complexity.
I would suggest having the following options where we currently have the building, crafting, exploring and items section:
1. Creation (link to building, crafting including the player made items, props etc.)
2. The World (linking to world structure, biomes, weather, travel etc)
3. Resources (linking to gathering, mining)
4. User Interface (linking to mailbox, chat, bank, player studio, exchange shop, settings)
What do you think?
Does anyone know who made the buttons in the first place? I could try making some from screenshots but if someone is already so inclined and talented ...?
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• 4/1/2014

Ancient Rootstock

I have been all over in old growth forests and I cannot find these trees with the "lumpy diamond" pattern to harvest Ancient Rootstock.  Anyone know a good island to harvest these?
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• 3/31/2014

Out of game build editor

I haven't gotten to the building portion of the game yet. 2 jobs limit my time in-game and I have spent that time working on higher grade equipment and stations on my plot. What I want to know is this: When building you can "save" your build for use later. Are these saved as files in your game directory and if so can they be exported to a 3D architect program such as Builder so that you can edit them outside of the game. The in-game tools are very limited and I have extended experience in the Blender program that would go far if it was capable of tweaking and editing the saved structures. I understand that when pasted into the game you would need the required resources to place it, but that is for a later worry.
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